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Cord blood is your family's gift of a lifetime

Leave it to the expert

AABB accredited cord blood bank with a successful transplant track record.


Cord blood and cord lining banking could last a lifetime because no one knows when a disease will strike. That’s why it’s crucial to choose a stable company that will be with you for the long haul and safeguard your family’s precious biological resources.

A publicly listed company

As a company listed on the mainboard of the Singapore Exchange, our financial status is open to public scrutiny. Over the years, we’ve strengthened our financial position to ensure that we’ll be here with you for the long haul.

21 years of experience

Founded in 2001, Cordlife is the first cord blood bank in Singapore, and we operate 7 stem cell cryopreservation facilities across Asia. As a Group, we've had experience in handling over 500,000 biological samples.

Trusted by more than 600,000 parents in Asia.

Hong Kong

Proven global expertise

Actual experience matters. Cordlife has helped our clients release over 70 cord blood units to 18 healthcare institutions in 9 countries. Should you ever need your child's cord blood stem cells, you can trust that we will ensure their safe delivery to your chosen healthcare institution, anywhere in the world.

Cordlife's Success Stories

Cordlife is proud to help these families in using their cord blood/cord lining/ tissues units stored in various Cordlife facilities for successful stem cell transplantation.

Joyce's parents were over the moon when they welcomed their baby girl into the world. They watched her grow, smiling at each new milestone she reached. However, when Joyce was just seven months old, their world came crashing down when she was diagnosed with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy.

Dual-accredited facility

Our facility in Hong Kong is certified by both AABB and CAP. This gives you twice as much peace of mind because you know that we only use the best methods and strictest protocols to make sure that your child's cord blood is of the highest quality. 

Committed to giving your family priority access to stem cell applications

As parents, nothing is more important to us than the health of our children. That's why Cordlife works with healthcare institutions and professionals to ensure that our clients with diseases, especially those for which there is no cure yet, have access to treatments.

Most Ideal Laboratory Setting

Our state-of-the-art facility is located in Biotech Centres, the only cluster of buildings specially designed for laboratory setting within Hong Kong Science Park. Our facility is full managed by highly qualified and licensed biotechnologists with many years of blood banking experience. Built around stringent criteria set by the AABB, our facility is closely monitored round-the-clock and equipped with the most advanced fire protection system and multiple back-up systems for the provision of continuous power at all times.

Triple Protection Guarantee

Highest Quality Service at Reasonable Prices!

As a globally recognized stem cell storage company, we continue to cooperate with many medical institutions and research institutes around the world to ensure high-quality services and reasonable fees, so that every family can benefit from private cord blood storage services and protect the health of their families.

A Cord Blood Replacement or a Compensation of up to HK$300,000*

Protecting your baby’s cord blood is your most precious gift to your baby. Guaranteed to providing you with the greatest assurance, Cordlife’s premium protection coverage should be you FIRST choice.

*The compensation amount is SG$50,000. Please be aware of the actual amount will be affected by forex rate.

HK$58 Million Professional Indemnity Insurance^

^The compensation amount is SG$10,000,000. Please be aware that the actual amount will be affected by forex rate.

Cord Blood Transplant with Cash Coverage up to HK$300,000*

Cordlife takes care of your medical needs. If your baby needs to have cord blood transplant, our group will provide HK$300,000 cash protection which can help the medical expenses, providing extra support.

CordBlood Network

Protection for 3 generations of your family
  • Child whose cord blood is stored with Cordlife
  • Legal parents
  • Legal grandparents

Assisted search for matching cord blood for legal parents and grandparents of Cordlife Child, tapping Cordlife’s partner registries in Mainland China

The Most Trustworthy Among O&G Specialists

Cordlife has been voted* as the most trustworthy cord blood bank by the private O&G specialists in Hong Kong. As the number 1 choice of these specialist doctors, you can have the confidence in choosing us as your preferred cord blood bank in Hong Kong.

*In an independent study conducted in 2010 by one of Asia's largest market research companies, ACORN.