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Why is Accreditation Important?

When it comes to safeguarding your baby’s health, there can be no compromise.

Cordlife Hong Kong received AABB international accreditation since 2011.

One of the first steps any expectant parents should take before deciding on the cord blood bank to rely on, is to verify that the company is accredited by a globally recognised accrediting agency in the field. Accreditation is important because it helps expectant parents, hospitals and transplant physicians determine that the company meets or exceeds minimum standards of quality to ensure patient safety during stem cell transplant.

AABB is the symbol of quality recognised internationally for cord blood banking. Many countries and hospitals around the world are already using these accreditations as yardsticks to affirm that the cord blood unit was collected, tested, processed and stored according to gold standards of quality before accepting the unit for transplant or infusion.

Families who stored their baby’s cord blood unit with a non-accredited cord blood bank are at risk of having the cord blood unit rejected for use. While some of these banks may quote you a lower fee, they may not be performing all the necessary clinical tests, which could render the cord blood unit unsuitable for transplantation.

When you bank your baby’s cord blood, you want the unit to be accepted for use when your family needs it the most – to save a life or to improve your loved one’s quality of life. Therefore it is very important to choose an accredited cord blood bank because the company has been assessed by independent peer experts for having the competence, reliability, operational performance and quality management to ensure patient safety and quality of care.

Cord blood is your family’s gift of a lifetime. Only leave it in the hands of experts.