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Collection, Processing and Storage of Cord Lining Stem Cells

A safe, quick, and painless collection

Umbilical Cord Lining Specimen

Step 1

After your baby’s cord blood has been collected, your obstetrician or midwife will clamp and cut a segment of the umbilical cord lining. This cord lining will be stored in a sterile container provided in your Umbilical Cord Lining Collection Kit.

Step 3

The umbilical cord lining collected is then sent to Cordlife's laboratory for processing and cryopreservation. Prior to umbilical cord processing, the identity of the umbilical cord lining collected is verified by our laboratory technologist to ensure that the unit belongs to the right client. All subsequent steps are performed in a biohazard safety cabinet to further eliminate the risk of contamination.

Step 3

Next, the umbilical cord lining is further processed, cleaned with wash buffer solution and segmented into small pieces.

Step 4

The sterilized tissue sections are then transferred into multiple cryovials added with cryoprotectant solution to safeguard the viability of the stem cells in the cord lining sections during cryopreservation.

Step 5

Once the cryoprotectant solution has been added, the cord lining sections are frozen gradually in the controlled-rate freezer to preserve the viability of the stem cells.

Step 6

After the controlled-rate freezing process, the cryovials are transferred into a MVE vapour-phase liquid nitrogen storage system for long term cryopreservation at -190°C.

The Most Trustworthy Among O&G Specialists

Cordlife has been voted* as the most trustworthy cord blood bank by the private O&G specialists in Hong Kong. As the number 1 choice of these specialist doctors, you can have the confidence in choosing us as your preferred cord blood bank in Hong Kong.

*In an independent study conducted in 2010 by one of Asia's largest market research companies, ACORN.

Cordlife uses MVE Anti-contamination Vapour-phase Liquid Nitrogen Storage System for long-term stem cell cryopreservation.

Vapour-phase storage is preferred over liquid-phase storage as it eliminates the chance of cross contamination between cord blood units as compared with those stored in liquid nitrogen.

The MVE anti-contamination Vapour-phase Liquid Nitrogen Storage System operates perfectly, even without electrical supply, and is 100% reliable and fail-safe with no chance of robotic malfunction. Unlike other storage systems, our tanks have never been recalled by the U.S. FDA or the manufacturer.

Over 99% of private cord blood banks also use vapour-phase freezers.

MVE anti-contamination Vapour - phase Liquid Nitrogen Storage System

Getting Started

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The collection of cord blood is a simple procedure that poses no risk to you or your baby. It is important that you make your banking decision before your due date so that you and your caregivers can be ready for the collection. You only have one chance to collect your baby's cord blood at birth, so this is a critical decision. 

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Triple Protection Guarantee

Highest Quality Service at Reasonable Prices!

As a globally recognized stem cell storage company, we continue to cooperate with many medical institutions and research institutes around the world to ensure high-quality services and reasonable fees, so that every family can benefit from private cord blood storage services and protect the health of their families.

A Cord Blood Replacement or a Compensation of up to HK$300,000*

Protecting your baby’s cord blood is your most precious gift to your baby. Guaranteed to providing you with the greatest assurance, Cordlife’s premium protection coverage should be you FIRST choice.

*The compensation amount is SG$50,000. Please be aware of the actual amount will be affected by forex rate.

HK$58 Million Professional Indemnity Insurance^

^The compensation amount is SG$10,000,000. Please be aware that the actual amount will be affected by forex rate.

Cord Blood Transplant with Cash Coverage up to HK$300,000*

Cordlife takes care of your medical needs. If your baby needs to have cord blood transplant, our group will provide HK$300,000 cash protection which can help the medical expenses, providing extra support.