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About Metascreen

Metascreen is a non-invasive metabolic test for your newborn, which involves the screening of more than 100 harmful or potentially fatal metabolic disorders that are not apparent at birth. Early detection of a condition can help facilitate early intervention to prevent long-term detrimental effects to the affected baby’s health.

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The screening test offered under the brand Metascreen is conducted by Hong Kong Screening Centre Limited, a company committed to providing early and accurate detection of metabolic disorders in newborn babies. Hong Kong Screening Centre has a quality management system in place to ensure maximum accuracy of screening results. As with any laboratory tests, false positive or false negative results cannot be completely eliminated due to various reasons including but not limited to age of patient at the time of specimen collection, patient’s health status, specimen quality and other variables. Hence, the risk of a disorder should never be precluded solely on the basis of screening. Signs or symptoms observed should be followed up immediately by a professional healthcare provider.