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Secure the healing power
of your baby's stem cells

Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to store for peace of mind
against over 80 disorders.#

Give your baby a lifetime of protection by banking with Cordlife today.

Why do parents save their baby's cord blood and cord lining?

Rich stem cell sources

Umbilical cord blood and cord lining contain more primitive stem cells than any other source, making it more powerful.

Proven to be transplantable

Cord blood can be used to treat more than 113 diseases, and 60,000 cord blood transplants have been performed worldwide.

Untapped clinical potential

Researchers around the world are learning how to use stem cells to treat more diseases and repair damaged cells.

Therapy alternative for families

The stem cells you stored are a perfect match for your baby and can also be used to treat other members of your family.

 Lifetime medical resources

If properly stored, stem cells can be kept indefinitely and can be retrieved whenever you need them.

Our healthcare solutions for your family


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Trusted by more than 600,000 parents in Asia.

Hong Kong


22 Years of Experience

Cordlife is the first cord blood bank in Singapore, and a leading industry player in Asia.

Proven Global Expertise
Proven Global Expertise

Cordlife has released more than 71 cord blood units to 18 healthcare institutions in 9 countries.

Accredited Facility

Cordlife Hong Kong, is ISO certified, and has AABB accreditation giving you peace of mind.

Listed in Singapore Exchange
Listed on Singapore Exchange

We’ve strengthened our financial position  to ensure that we’ll be here with you for a long time.

Cordlife Facilities in Asia
Seven Facilities in Asia

We own a network of stem cell cryopreservation facilities across Asia, and our facilities serve as back-up for one another in the event of an emergency.

Technology Pioneer
Technology Pioneer

We were recognised by the World Economic Forum for our contributions to the field of cellular therapy

Cordlife Parents Stories

Stephanie Che

As parents, of course choose the best cord blood bank for your children. After consulting professional advice and recommendation from friends, I chose Cordlife. Its high-quality professional services and successful transplant experience made me rest assured to store my child's cord blood and cord lining in Cordlife.

Artist - Stephanie Che
Supermodel - Kathy Chow

This time, I chose Cordlife again, because Cordlife Group has obtained a number of international certifications – AABB, ISO, CAP, Fact-Netcord, and has exclusive patented technology and cord blood transplant guarantee commitment, so I chose for Jacques and Avner Best Cord Blood Bank!

Supermodel - Kathy Chow
Artist - Charlie Yeung

A child is a gift of talent. When I found out that I was pregnant, I felt that the two little lives in my belly were miraculous. At the same time, I was very nervous and looking forward to it. I only hoped that they would grow up smoothly and healthily. Under the doctor's recommendation, I chose Cordlife, because Cordlife is the largest cord blood bank in Singapore. It has the strongest cord blood storage network in Asia and advanced technology, which makes me very confident. After consulting professional advice, I Only then did I realize that umbilical cord blood can treat a variety of diseases, and that umbilical cord blood can not only be used for the child itself, but siblings can also benefit from it. It can provide an extra protection for the child, which makes me feel at ease. Cordlife stores umbilical cord blood and I am also quite satisfied with the umbilical cord service.

Artist - Charlie Yeung
Lynn Hung

Being a mother for the first time is both exciting and nervous, and I really want to do my best for my two daughters. I know that umbilical cord blood stem cells can treat many diseases. After the professional opinions of friends and doctors, everyone unanimously recommends Cordlife’s umbilical cord blood bank. After further understanding, I know that Cordlife has an advanced stem cell storage system with international certification, a complete laboratory, and rich experience in cord blood stem cell transplantation, so I have the confidence to hand over my daughter's precious cord blood to Cordlife!

Artist - Lynn Hung
Nicola Yeung

Lola is finally born, I am so grateful to my family who are always by my side to take care of me. My daughter's health is the most important thing for me. Although I have stored the cord blood and umbilical cord membrane of 2 daughters in Cordlife, I still insist on storing Lola's most precious cord blood and cord membrane in Cordlife. Life. Why do I choose Cordlife many times? Because Cordlife is a subsidiary of the listed group, not only has strong strength, but also has advanced stem cell storage technology, exclusive umbilical cord membrane patent technology, and has won many international certifications. Its professionalism and quality make me feel at ease Entrusted Cordlife to store the cord blood and umbilical cord membrane of 3 daughters.


Artist - Nicola Yeung
Tavia Yeung

The health of my family has always been my most cherished topic. After knowing that I am going to be a mother, I feel both excited and nervous. I have been thinking about what can be done to protect my daughter? After being recommended by relatives and friends and after understanding, I know that umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord membrane can not only protect the baby, but also protect the health of the family. I ended up choosing Cordlife. Cordlife is the largest umbilical cord blood bank in the Asia-Pacific, a Singapore-listed group that provides long-term health protection for Little Pearl, so I entrust Little Pearl's most precious cord blood and cord membranes to Cordlife!


Artist - Tavia Yeung
Artist - Niki Chow

Everyone needs long-term health protection, so I decided to store the most precious umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord membrane in Cordlife. Cordlife is the largest umbilical cord blood bank in Asia-Pacific, and has the most experience in transplantation, so no matter in terms of group background, strength and experience, it is relatively good, so I am very relieved!


Artist - Niki Chow
Artist - Tang Yi

Pregnancy is really wonderful, I feel that the new life is connected with my blood, and I really want my daughter to be born healthy and healthy. During pregnancy, knowing that umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord membrane can help BB and family members, and can treat 113 kinds of diseases. Moreover, the umbilical cord can protect a family for three generations, knowing that there is only one chance to store it in a lifetime, so I asked professionals and friends for their opinions and decided to choose the best cord blood bank - Cordlife. Cordlife is the largest umbilical cord blood bank in Asia Pacific and a listed group in Singapore. Cord blood and umbilical cord membrane storage is long-term health protection, so I choose Cordlife, a strong, professional and reliable cord blood bank, and sincerely recommend mothers who are considering cord blood and cord membrane storage.


Artist - Kathy Yuen
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The collection of cord blood is a simple procedure that poses no risk to you or your baby. It is important that you make your banking decision before your due date so that you and your caregivers can be ready for the collection. You only have one chance to collect your baby's cord blood at birth, so this is a critical decision. 

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