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As a mother, I go for the best in life for my daughter . I’ve chosen Cordlife because they are experienced in providing world-class quality cord blood and tissue banking services using very advanced technology such as SEPAX® and CellOptima™. Most importantly, I take comfort in knowing that Cordlife Hong Kong is a fully owned subsidiary of Mainboard listed company on the Singapore Exchange. When we store cord blood and cord tissue, all we want to do is to protect my child for life. We know Cordlife is a company that not only can give us quality stem cells when needed but also one that is set to be around for the long haul.


Artiste - Chin Ka Lok

We did some research online as well as seek the opinion of our doctor, friends and relatives. Through our findings, we decided to save our baby’s cord blood stem cells and cord tissue with Cordlife as first of all; Cordlife Hong Kong is a subsidiary of Singapore Exchange Main Board listed company. This gives us the assurance that the company is here to stay. After all, saving our baby’s cord blood stem cells is for a lifetime. We want to make sure that we have chosen a cord blood bank that will be with us for the long haul.


Artiste - Shermon Tang

I already knew about cord blood banking when I was studying in Australia before joining the beauty pageant. It was common for expectant parents to bank their baby’s cord blood there. That’s why when I was expecting Maddox, I immediately helped him choose the most ideal cord blood bank in Hong Kong. I decided on Cordlife because they are equipped with world-class devices for processing and cryopreservation illustrating their commitment to technology leadership. Most of the leading cord blood banks in the United States use the very same technology, which gives me added assurance of Cordlife's high competence and dedication.


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